Slayer | Heavy by the Sea Fest, Athens

Tesoulin Photography - Slayer-6

For me the highlight of summer concerts here in Athens was Heavy by the Sea. It had a quite solid line-up –Slayer, Down, Rotting Christ, Napalm Death and Kvelertak (not bad eh?)- and it was quite a challenge for me since I ‘ve never taken pictures at such a big-scale festival… I had a lot of envy towards my fellow photographers and their awesome gear! Felt quite amateurish with my 500D and the nifty fifty (this lens should get an award for all the pain and suffering). I’ll share the pics from each band in separate posts because I can’t choose! I’m starting with the headliners Slayer (without Dave Lombardo and the late Jeff Hanneman). Did I mention that they covered Pantera‘s Fucking Hostile with Phil Anselmo? Lucky Greek fans!

Tesoulin Photography - Slayer-4 Tesoulin Photography - Slayer-1 Tesoulin Photography - Slayer-5 Tesoulin Photography - Slayer-7 Tesoulin Photography - Slayer-8 Tesoulin Photography - Slayer-9 Tesoulin Photography - Slayer-10 Tesoulin Photography - Slayer-2 Tesoulin Photography - Slayer-3


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