Sabaton – Eluveitie | Fuzz Club, Athens

Tesoulin Photography - Sabaton-Eluveitie-8Sabaton, Eluveitie and Wisdom played at Fuzz Club in Athens this March and I had to be there for two reasons: I love Eluveitie and I had to take pictures for! Not a hard task if you ask me!

A small disappointment for me was the fact that singer and hurdy-gurdy player Anna Murphy had to cancel her appearance with Eluveitie due to illness. I really love female  vocals in this band sung in that beautiful obscure language and it was an unfortunate thing to happen. However, I was extremely surprised by Sabaton’s performance. So powerful!

 Tesoulin Photography - Sabaton-Eluveitie-7 Tesoulin Photography - Sabaton-Eluveitie-6 Tesoulin Photography - Sabaton-Eluveitie-5 Tesoulin Photography - Sabaton-Eluveitie-4 Tesoulin Photography - Sabaton-Eluveitie-3 Tesoulin Photography - Sabaton-Eluveitie-2




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