Marduk – Immolation live in Athens

Somewhere in the middle of September I attended a Black/Death Metal festival held in Kyttaro live Stage as a photographer for The bands that played were in order of appearance: Forsaken World, Heaving Earth, Noctem, Immolation, Marduk. A nice event for all black and death metal fans and me included, although I didn’t enjoy the light effects as much as other times in Kyttaro, possibly due to the smoke machines.

Fun moment of the night (that almost ended up rather badly) was when Noctem’s singer gargled some fake blood and spat it on the audience. I was literally right in front of him and caught the moment on the camera, and fortunately we -me and the camera- emerged unscathed from the blood attack. Other people even from the back rows managed to get drenched. Gross? I thought it was funny hihi. Apparently most of this poser stuff happening on concerts makes me laugh, and I sure die-hard fans won’t appreciate it, but… what can I do?

Here are some photos from the last three bands.


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