Norma Jean live in Athens

Super hot deserted Athens in August, the day that Marilyn Monroe was found dead, Norma Jean played live at the 7Sins club, and it was awesome. Yes. Lots of sweating, pushing and screaming – now that I’m reading this again it sounds like giving birth. hm. Here’s the full review from Rockway – in Greek! And here are some of my fave pics from the evening…. I’m clearly taking advantage of some of the fellow photographers flash units… is it stealing? Hihi! I loved that I could have that “freeze the moment” feel without using my flash, it is more indirect and less intrusive but still detailed and I like the fact that you can even see another photographer in one of the pics! It adds to the frenzy of the scene, and it’s a fact that photographers too are part of the show at those small events.. we even get shoved around sometimes (oh that Mayhem gig…. got a pretty decent forehead bruise:P) Great show, great energy, great fans singing all the lyrics (or shouting undecipherable stuff anyways!)


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